Colored pencil on poster board: Poster for my wife who tried to get Steven Adams' signature.

Photoshop: Mock-up of vinyl toy.  Funco never made it happen.




Galendor Old Library

Galendor's covers were designed to stand proudly alongside those of classic literature.


The Galendor Trilogy

I penned the Galendor Trilogy, designed the covers and developed the title font.


Magazine Covers

Myers Intelligent Design portfolio and Hyper Grafx art and leisure magazine covers.




Client request: Create a name for a travel agency that incorporates Christian symbology.

Intelligent Design:  Combine "Trinity" and the Naval "UNITAS" cruise into "Trinitas." The second "T" doubles as a mast and a crux gemina. Vector flourishes for water help form the name into a ship.


Client request: Coffee company wants a product name and imagery for new coffee brand

Intelligent Design:  Crema, the prized bitter foam atop a proper espresso is well-known to coffee aficionados. Combining imagery for the crema bubbles, a traditional demitasse and the Italian spelling for coffee sets the brand apart.

Packaging property of Vero Coffee


Client request: Imagine a new toy line and design an appropriate logo.

Intelligent Design:  A child building a miniature skyline. "MiniSetz" is a kit of scaled matte paintings, figures and structures to aid young home movie directors create special effects.


Client request: Create a business related icon in the counter space of the letter "O" in their name.

Intelligent Design:  "Arbor" is the center part of a reel used in fly fishing.  Vector illustration of a handmade fly gives instant brand recognition to this sporting goods company.


Client request: Design the name of a city replacing a letter with an image that represents the city.

Intelligent Design:  Font choice is crucial. The capital "A" of Agency FB looks much like the Charles Bridge guard tower in Prague, Czech Republic.


Client request: Logo redesign retaining imagery for a creek or small stream.

Intelligent Design:  Old logo was a busy scene with multiple fonts, reeds, rocks, water and a child tip toeing. Client had affinity for the loop of "W" in old logo. Simplified basic elements and stylized said letter out of reeds while maintaining the loop.

Website property of the city of Prague





SOMETIMES it's fun to play with popular IP's and explore what one might do if given the opportunity. Based on Studio Ghibli characters from the movie "Spirited Away," items below were created to showcase repeating vector patterns.

I imagine they'd look best on socks, bandannas, and ugly Father's Day ties.



Art Nouvea.png

ABOVE:   I created an icon set unlike any I've ever seen. These vector images represent different movements in art history.

BELOW:   Illustrations for a Sci-Fi novelette e-book in the works.



ART IN EVERY DAY is a found-art exhibition. The client was specific that neither title nor image could be illustrated.  Text solution was to dump out the junk drawer and form the letters, arranging them in Kanji-like boxes.  Next, I modeled a scene out of spare parts in the workshop and photographed with a DSLR.

LA TRAPPISTINE: Client wanted a unique promotional item  beyond a simple brochure or leaflet. Utilizing the art of the exhibit, I imagined a 3D pop-up informational card that patrons could collect and display.

HHU.ORG: Housing Hand Up is a social good campaign to help the homeless, "live poor, not poorly." If tent cities are a fact of society, they can be as clean campgrounds instead of squalor.

BUSINESS CARD: What graphic designer doesn't have a business card design in their repertoire? The Galendor business card is printed with reflective gold ink—quite striking.



WEE CREEK PRESS: This is a clean redesign for my publisher whose old site looked like it came from the late 90's.  Unfortunately, due to medical issues, they had to fold the company in 2021. 

This links to my WIX design version.

THE GALENDOR APP: From the unique words used and the ideas behind each scene to the illustrations of its characters; this Adobe XD prototype is a guide for all things Galendor.