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First published in 2014 and the second in April, 2015, the Galendor series wrapped up June, 2019.

Galendor: Ye Dude From Yonder Forest

ISBN-13: 978-1942922490

Save the kingdom…you’re the chosen one.

A crusty old musical magician lord named Bill keeps appearing to Galendor, spouting things like that.

Confounding matters, the most excellent Princess Jessica has offered to marry any man who can entertain her father. Galendor aspires to be a great bard, and would thrill to hold Jessica’s hand, but he has no faith in himself.

Lord Bill proves more powerful than an average trickster and sends a toad-o-gram charging Galendor with the quest. He must scour the realm to find three others capable of a concert to cure the Kingdom of Yorh.

With his trusty canine cohort, Sir Wicket of Narfingham, and the enchanted Lil’ Red Wagon, Galendor embarks upon a journey more fantastic than previously dreamt of in a fantasy realm.

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Galendor: The Five Mugical Items

ISBN-13: 978-1942922520

Stuff just got unreal in the Kingdom of Yorh.

Galendor not only has a shot with Princess Jessica, she’s pursuing him! But, there’s no time for kissy face as the situation with the land is getting critical.

Dragon librarian, Phorsyard the Keeper, reveals the parallel universe that promises to rearrange everything in Galendor’s plain of existence.  Galendor and his crew must travel across, under and through the world to find the five magical musical items needed to fight the calamity.

Will Galendor’s newfound love or acts of faith be enough to repel the ‘Apathy’ before all is lost?

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Galendor: The Middle of Next Week

ISBN-13: 978-1942922476

Be careful for what you wish—it might stink.

Galendor’s philosophy snack message came true. He wanted fame, and after saving the world, everyone from toads to ogres are impersonating him. He has the love of Princess Jessica, but other women now offer him attention.

While Yorh is experiencing a jubilee of renewed unity and kinship, storms churn on the horizon. The ‘Apathy’ attacked from the front, but two other forces are flanking the realm.

Galendor is given further insight into the power of his crew and their instruments. He must open a portal to a hellish alternate reality for an all-or-nothing battle of the bands.  The prize?  Jessica’s long-lost mother!

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