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Instead of typing a short story detailing my life, perhaps a bulleted list would let you know if I'm a decent chap or not?


Personal Stuff


  • Christian - developing a spirit of grace and kindness (long way to go)

  • Been with Joy for 25 years, married 20 thus far

  • Favorite dog was a blue heeler named Wicket

  • Our 20 year old cat, Ernie was my little buddy has since crossed over

  • Love our other fur babies, Seamus O' Meowly (cat), No Tail (one-eyed cropped tail cat), Smilte and Roma (corgis), Spooky Spee (outdoor cat)

  • Fur babies who've gone to The Bridge: Olly, GiGi, Ernie, Serpepe cats, MuShu and Sachi corgis and Lil' Miss the cripple opossum

  • One sister, two half-brothers, and half-sister (though she's disowned the family), three step-sisters

  • No children

Significant Life Events


  • Born in Harper, KS  - 1972

  • Held back in 4th grade - too immature to go on with class...

  • Graduated (National Honor Soc.) 1991

  • Navy Radar Tech 1991 - 1997 USS Stump

  • Traveled to over 20 countries

  • Met Joy - 1993

  • Married Joy - 1998

  • Moved to Wichita, Ks

  • Moved to Orlando, Fl

  • Moved to Suffolk, Va

  • Moved to Tonkawa, Ok

  • Moved to Enid, Ok

  • Vacationed in Japan, Italy, S. Korea, Lithuania, Prague and France.



  • Navy electronics school

  • Wichita State University - Japanese Language

  • Wichita State University - Art 1 & 2

  • Full Sail, Orlando Fl - Video game design (Associate of Science)

  • Northern Oklahoma College - 3D animation and mulitmedia design (Associate of Science)

  • Liberty University Online - BFA in Graphic Design (in progress)



  • G-1 Transformers

  • Studio Ghibli

  • GODZILLA !!!

  • 1977 - 1983 Star Wars

  • Classic Video games (Atari 2600 and beyond...TurboDuo/PC Engine is fav.)

  • Sledding

  • All food - I eat anything and everything

  • Alphonse Mucha

  • Lindsey Stirling

  • Chip Tunes

  • Weird Al Yankovic

  • And a bunch of other stuff, but if you've read this far and really want to know more, just e-mail me and we'll be friends.

Worn Many Hats


  • Bucked hay bales and picked watermelons one summer

  • Maintenance assistant at nursing home

  • Navy

  • Learjet electronic installer (supervisor)

  • USS Ronald Reagan electronic installer

  • Cell phone game design startup

  • Data entry specialist AT&T outsource co.

  • Photographer Vance AFB

  • Oil Field control technician

  • Maintenance mechanic Advance Foods

  • Cleaned the building where Joy works for 10 years


All I REALLY want to do is use my creative talents to make a living.  Life has had lots of other plans.


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