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When alternate realities threaten the Kingdom of Yorh, the faith and talent of a young bard must set things right.

Galendor Book Cover Ye Dude from Yonder Forest
Galendor Book Cover The Five Mugical Items
Galendor Book Cover The Middle of Next Week

Why Read a Clean Fantasy Adventure?

Most will agree that society has a problem.

Lewd imagery, violence, and destructive language bombard us daily. Whatever adage you apply, “garbage in, garbage out,” “you are what you eat,” or “he who makes his company of fools will be destroyed,” the message is clear—as we consume negativity, society becomes negative. 

A Solution

The Galendor Trilogy offers readers an uplifting adventure with characters who truly care for each other. Conflict is resolved with humor and thought instead of graphic war. Love, faith, and forgiveness are the main themes.  

What to Expect

I have fond memories of parents, babysitters and teachers reading to me. Hoping  Galendor would be read aloud, it is paced to allow the imagination to ponder the scenes as they unfold.


My mother never shied away from expressive words or turns of phrase, spurring an appreciation for English.  Galendor incorporates a lot of literary word-play to impart this same love of language.


Finally, Galendor celebrates diversity in people as well as cultures. Oftentimes dialects, speech impediments, and unique sounding voices are typed to represent how they sound. Editors told me this was a big no-no. I did it anyway.

Calling All Readers

Galendor is an adventure like no other. Please click the links to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and pick up a paperback or e-book.

Warm Lights

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Book I


Book II

Book III

Still on the Fence?

I hear you.

Please take my books for a test drive.  Click the book image to download a .PDF of the first three chapters for each book. 

Get in Touch

To request signed copies, multiple books at a discount, or to ask me questions, please contact me.

(The Galendor books) ...a hipster "Wizard of Oz"

Dr. Dave Reike,  Avalon Hills Bible Church

Such a wonderful story of friendship, acceptance, and how faith can create miracles!

Charla, MO

Reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien, L. Frank Baum and even Mike Myers of SNL, the story imparts the importance of sharing time, talent and treasure with their fellow man.

Barnes and Noble, anonymous 

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